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Avon, ConnecticutAvon, Connecticut, in Farmington Valley, is a good place to raise children. In addition to hosting renowned secondary schools such as Avon High School and Avon Old Farms School, not all that long ago it was named the third-safest town in America by Money Magazine. Over the years I have served clients from Avon Park North, Avon Park South and Alsop Corner.

These clients all came to me with some sort of family law problem. Issues such as divorce, child support, and child custody can be resolved in family court or through private agreement. Other family matters fall outside a strict definition of family law – school expulsions, juvenile delinquency, and wrongful death cases, for example.

When Legal Action Becomes Necessary

Nobody really likes the idea of government intrusion into private family relationships, but sometimes it is necessary. On other occasions, a family law issue arises when one family member attempts to abuse the legal system and you are forced to defend yourself – such as a spouse making a false allegation of child abuse to gain an advantage in a custody proceeding.

Many family law issues simply cannot be resolved through private negotiation. Your issue might be resolved in family court, in juvenile proceedings, in mediation, or even at an administrative tribunal. Fortunately, Avon family law attorney James C. Wing, Jr. has successfully represented a multitude clients in all of these venues.

Criminal Matters

Attorney Wing regularly represents minors charged with crimes in the juvenile court system, which works very differently from the adult court system. He also represents clients charged with DUI (OUI), serious felonies, and even traffic offenses. If you are facing a driver’s license suspension, he can represent you at an administrative driver’s license suspension hearing.

Another Client Speaks Out…

“Attorney Wing made me realize that after 16 years of marriage, I should not walk away empty handed, which I was prepared to do, simply to be done with the ordeal. Jim was persistent, thorough, professional, and researched every detail to ensure the fairest end to the marriage for me. I am so grateful for his professionalism, intelligence, and integrity.”

~ Divorce Client

Practice Areas

I frequently handle cases in the following practice areas:

Frequently Asked Questions

How are juvenile detention facilities different from adult facilities?

Juvenile facilities differ in the following ways:

  • They are aimed more at rehabilitation and less at punishment
  • Juvenile offenders are segregated from the adult prison population
  • Some juvenile offenders are incarcerated for offenses that are not considered crimes for adults (habitual truancy, for example).

How are child support payments calculated?

Child support payments are calculated with reference to the Connecticut child support guidelines. The amount is based on factors such as the income of the respective parents and the needs of the child. Family courts are entitled to a certain discretion in determining actual amounts.

What are some potential defenses against a DUI (OUI) charge?

Many potential defenses exist, including:

  • The original traffic stop was not based on probable cause (the officer had no legitimate reason to stop you)
  • The Breathalyser machine malfunctioned or was improperly operated
  • The defendant’s Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) was below the legal limit while he was driving, even though it rose above the legal limit by the time he was tested

How do I file for divorce in Connecticut?

A simplified version of the process appears below:

  • One spouse files a formal complaint
  • The state serves the complaint on the other spouse
  • The other spouse is given four weeks from the filing date to respond (the “return date”)
  • A hearing is held no earlier than 90 days after the return date, at which time a divorce may be granted

About Family Law Attorney James C. Wing, Jr.

Attorney James C. Wing, Jr. has been dedicated to serving the people of Connecticut for more than 30 years now. He earned both his undergraduate and law degrees here in Connecticut, and he served as President of the Hartford County Bar Association for three straight years. He is often invited to give family law lectures to various professionals, including other lawyers.

Prompt, Decisive Action Will Maximize Your Avon Family Law Chances

The Connecticut legal system is competitive in nature, and strict deadlines are just part of the process. Add to that the fact that critical evidence can deteriorate over time, and what you end up with are important advantages for people who contact an experienced family lawyer as soon as a problem arises (or, in some cases, as soon as a problem is anticipated).

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