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Enfield, ConnecticutEnfield, Connecticut represents some of the best that small-town America has to offer. It is also home to many of my friends and former clients who hail from diverse neighborhoods such as Crescent Lake, Enfield Historical District, Hazardville, North Thompsonville and the Presidential Section.

My clients come to me with a range of problems that implicate family law – divorce, property division, child custody, and child support, just to name a few. As an experienced Enfield Family Law Lawyer, I have the skill to represent you. In addition to traditional family law matters, I also assist my clients with related matters such as school suspensions, expulsions, access to special education, and representation in juvenile court.

Professional Representation Is a Practical Necessity

As a family law attorney with over 30 years of experience, I have heard the horror stories of injustice that occurred simply because a client unwisely chose to represent herself, or selected the wrong lawyer to represent her. By the time these clients finally come to see me, their cases are seriously compromised. Don’t let this happen to you – contact me as soon as a problem arises.

I learned long ago that there is no “cookie-cutter” solution to a client’s problem – each client has his own set of priorities and concerns. A divorce client, for example, may be involved in a serious property division dispute, yet wish to avoid a “take no prisoners” strategy because he needs to maintain a working relationship with his spouse for the sake of his children.

Criminal Defense

Criminal defense might seem to be out of the purview of a family lawyer. A criminal charge, however, can affect everyone in the family of the accused. Even a traffic ticket resulting in a driver’s license suspension can seriously impact family life. I am fully experienced in criminal defense law and representing criminal defendants, especially juveniles charged with crimes.

A Client Speaks Out…

“I have used different lawyers throughout the last 7 years regarding my child and her other parent. James was very supportive in my endeavors and fought hard for the safety of my child. I wish that I was still in CT and could use him now as my attorney. He is a great lawyer and I highly recommend him.”

~ Family Matter Client

Practice Areas

I frequently handle cases in the following areas:

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the state determine which criminal offenders to charge?

Typically, the police will send a report to the prosecutor. The prosecutor will decide whether to pursue the case based on the following factors, among others:

  • Whether your arrest had any procedural defects, such as an illegal search
  • The strength of the evidence against you
  • Whether prosecution makes sense, given the limited resources of the prosecutor’s office

How do I prove that I am the father of my child?

If you were married to the mother when the child was born, you are presumed to be the father, although you are entitled to try to prove otherwise. Fatherhood can be established by:

  • the mother signing an acknowledgment of paternity at the hospital, or
  • a court order (a court-ordered DNA test, for example).

What kinds of behaviors can cause my child to be suspended from school?

Your child can be suspended for:

  • Injuring or threatening to injure someone
  • Possessing a weapon
  • Using alcohol or drugs
  • Bullying (including cyberbullying)
  • Stealing
  • Vandalism
  • Obscenity or profanity
  • Disruption
  • Disobedience
  • Other disruptive behavior

Does my child need to be represented by a lawyer?

He may need to be represented by an attorney if the parents disagree on critical matters such as custody or visitation, for example. You can request an attorney for him by filing a Motion for Appointment of Counsel for Minor Children. The lawyer will represent the child, and the state may pay the lawyer’s fee if the parents cannot afford to.

About Family Law Attorney James C. Wing, Jr.

James C. Wing, Jr. has been practicing law for over 30 years now. He is a fixture on the local lecture circuit, where he conducts seminars and training sessions on family law topics in front of lawyers, educators, and psychologists. His peers in the legal profession respect him so much that they elected him President of the Hartford County Bar Association for three consecutive years.

Take Action Immediately for Your Enfield Family Law Issue

Ignoring a family-related legal problem won’t make it go away – in fact, the problem is likely to get worse the longer you delay dealing with it. Witnesses move away, physical evidence deteriorates and legal deadlines pass. The best way to handle a crisis is to act decisively before it becomes a crisis – or if the crisis is already upon you, as early as possible thereafter.

Choose a commtted Enfield Family Law Attorney. Contact me today by calling (860) 651-3707 or by completing my online contact form, so that I can schedule you a free, no-obligation initial case consultation.