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Middletown, ConnecticutMiddletown, Connecticut sits in northwest Middlesex County on the west bank of the Connecticut River. The Middletown Nature Gardens off Randolph Road is one of my favorite place to explore, and I also find O’Rourke’s Diner hard to pass up when I am in the neighborhood. Most of the time, however, my mission in Middletown is business, not recreation.

In over three decades of practice, I have learned that every case that my clients bring me represents a unique blend of legal nuance and complex fact patterns. There is no sterile “lawyer’s solution” to a family law issue – where family relationships are involved, everything that happens affects something else. Any good family lawyer must take all of this into account. Are you in need of a supportive Middletown Family Law Attorney? I have the experience and insight to help you through this.

What Is Family Law?

“Family law” refers to the legal standards governing marriage and divorce: child rearing, child support, child custody, guardianship, separations, property division, and similar issues. If you define the term as broadly as I do, it can also include defending criminal charges against family members (especially juveniles), school discipline, special education services, and even bullying.

Your Case Will Not Be Delegated to a Junior Associate

At many law firms, a client is little more than a case number. While this approach might work when you are negotiating an billion-dollar Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) agreement, it is disastrously inadequate when family well-being and relationships are at stake.

You are a person, not a case number, and as a sole practitioner and a dedicated family law attorney, I will take personal responsibility for your case from beginning to end. I will not delegate your case to a junior lawyer, because there is no such thing at my office – there is only me and my unwavering commitment to your best interests. As far as I am concerned, your problem is my problem too.

Message from a Former Client

“Jim was extremely knowledgeable and made time to speak with us to explain all the intricate issues. Jim gave us the information we needed and told us the step by step process. His assistant Jacki was kind, supportive, and available to speak with each time I called.”

~ Criminal Defense Client

My Primary Practice Areas

I frequently handle issues in the following practice areas:

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the amount of child support determined?

Connecticut applies its own child support guidelines that are based on the parents’ incomes as well as other factors. Since these are guidelines, not ironclad rules, a family law court is generally entitled to exercise a certain amount of discretion in determining the exact amount.

What is a termination of parental rights?

A termination of parental rights includes termination of:

  • Custody, guardianship and control
  • The right to make decisions on behalf of the child
  • The right to obtain the child’s birth certificate
  • The right to receive government benefits on behalf of the child
  • The obligation to support and care for the child.

Termination of parental rights must occur before the child can be adopted, unless the parent is already dead.

What are the penalties for driving on a license that was suspended for OUI (DUI)?

Penalties include:

  • A fine of $500 to $1,000
  • 30 days to one year in jail (avoidable under certain circumstances)
  • These penalties become even more severe if the underlying OUI (DUI) was a second or further offense

If you need to drive to work or school, be aware that you might be eligible for a special operator’s permit even while your general driving privileges are suspended.

Am I entitled to a portion of my husband or wife’s pension of 401(k)?

You probably are, since both of these benefits are considered divisible under Connecticut family law. The exact amounts, however, can be tricky to calculate. Consult your family law lawyer before signing a property division agreement or going to trial.

About James C. Wing, Jr.

James C. Wing, Jr. has been practicing law in Connecticut for more than 30 years. In addition to winning the trust of his numerous clients over the years, his peers in the legal profession elected him Director of the Hartford County Bar Association for four consecutive years and Director of the Hartford County Bar Foundation for ten consecutive years.  

Time Matters – Act Quickly on Your Middletown Family Law Case!

The Connecticut family law and criminal law systems are both highly competitive, and to a large extent the results are based on how well you prepare. That in turn is based largely on how early you get started. Given enough time, as an experienced and aggressive Middleton Family Law Lawyer, I can help you prepare a winning strategy that will maximize your chances of obtaining a desirable outcome.

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