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Burr State Park, Torrington, ConnecticutTorrington, Connecticut, the largest city in Litchfield County, is home to two of my favorite places – Warner Theatre and the Nutmeg Conservatory for the Arts. Strolling through town, I am not surprised that it was named America’s No. 1 “dream town” by bizjournals.com. Even a dream town, however, is not immune to the same family stresses that many of us experience.

Family conflicts may tear your life apart like nothing else can. Most of these conflicts are properly resolved within the family, perhaps through the mediation of a trusted friend. Sometimes the external intervention of the legal system is necessary, however, and other times a family member forces the involvement of the legal system through unwise decision-making. Having a Torrington Family Law Attorney on your side can help you navigate through this time.

Competition Versus Cooperation

The Connecticut legal system, like the rest of the U.S., is adversarial in nature. In family law, however, it is often necessary to strike a balance between competition and cooperation in order to preserve fragile family relationships. Every case is different, and I take pride in striking just the right balance as is appropriate in your particular case and given your particular goals. Being a family law lawyer who is flexible, I can help you professionally in a uniquely-personal way.

Criminal Matters and Traffic Offenses

I enjoy decades of experience representing all sorts of criminal defendants, especially within a family context. I also handle motor vehicle violations, all the way from unpaid speeding tickets to OUI (DUI).  I can represent you at driver’s license suspension hearings, help you restore your driver’s license and, if necessary, help you obtain a restricted license for work or school.


“I highly recommend Attorney James Wing, Jr. to anyone who finds themselves in need of legal representation. He helped our family with a complicated legal matter involving our son. His experience and knowledge enabled him to clearly communicate the situation to us. He was also very skilled in dealing with the court to obtain the best outcome possible. He ensured that our son’s interests were protected, and that he was treated fairly by the court.”

~ Juvenile Client

Practice Areas

I typically handle cases in the following practice areas:

Frequently Asked Questions

I am getting divorced. My husband and I agree on property division, child custody, child support, etc. Do I still have to go to court?

One of you must go, and it is best that you both do so that the judge can confirm that you both understand the agreement and make sure that neither of you was coerced into signing it. Hearings like this usually take only a few minutes.

Does the state have the right to take my child away from me based on safety concerns?

The state government has the following rights:

  • It can take your child for up to 96 hours based on reasonable suspicion of danger.
  • It can extend this 96-hour period by obtaining an Order of Temporary Custody (OTC) outside of your presence.
  • You must be given an OTC preliminary hearing within 10 more days.
  • You must be given a trial within another 10 days, during which time you may contest the order.

It is importand that you seek legal advise, a Torrington Family Law Lawyer can help answer your question more fully.

Is it possible to win a driver’s license suspension hearing based on OUI (DUI)?

Yes. To obtain a suspension, the Connecticut DMV must prove:

  • The officer had probable cause to arrest you;
  • You were actually arrested;
  • You refused an intoxication test, or you took one that proves you were intoxicated; and
  • You were operating a motor vehicle at the time.

Can I refuse special education services for my child?

Yes, you can. You can also revoke your prior consent to special education. When you do this, you are refusing all special education services for your child, not only some of them. Be aware that your child could lose important legal rights this way.

About Family Law Attorney James C. Wing, Jr.

James C. Wing, Jr. has been practicing law in Connecticut for more than three decades, and there isn’t much that can happen that he hasn’t seen before. He has been a sole practitioner since 1989, and he has tried cases for his clients before judges, juries and administrative panels at both the state and federal level. He also serves as a mediator in family law disputes.

Time Waits for No One – Take Action Immediately

If you are faced with a family law or a criminal law matter, procrastinating can “harden the glue of circumstance under your feet” in ways that can result in long-term negative consequences. Imagine, for example, missing a court date or showing up unprepared for what you will face.

The sooner you act, the sooner I can help you.  Call me, a skilled and tenacious family law attorney. Phone me today at (860) 651-3707, or complete my online contact form, for a free no-obligation initial consultation on your case.